B Area  Manager says:-

Peer supervision

This has given me the safe space and opportunity to be honest and open with my work colleagues and to discuss some difficult matters with the security and confidentiality that Ann provides. It has created a team bond allowing us to get to know each other properly which is so valuable.

One to one supervision

My sessions with Ann help me so much, I feel I have the time to be fully listened to about whatever I bring. The sessions really get me thinking and I always come out of supervision on a high feeling really good!

K General Manager says:-

Ann has been providing Clinical Supervision for Being There staff for 3 years. She also facilitates peer to peer supervision. Her work has been invaluable; building resilience in the face of change, offering strategies for managing the challenges staff face at and outside work, and strengthening the team. I would not hesitate to recommend her services for one to one and peer counselling.

M Area Manager says:-

I have always been (what I thought) was an "I don't need counselling, I'm OK, I can cope" kind of person and I didn't realise just how much stress and anxiety I was causing myself - until I eventually accepted the offer of one to one counselling/supervision. 

The difference this has made to me has been quite astounding- being able to talk to someone in a safe and confidential space and to have someone listen to what I have to say, without judgement, has really helped me to open up, put in to perspective and better manage all the differing and conflicting situations that I find myself in.