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Ann Grant - Employers Lead, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

 I have been a practising counsellor for 11 years and I have undertaken training in group work. I provide counselling and clinical supervision in the NHS for both individual and couples work. My underpinning model is person-centred, which means that I don't have the answers, but I can be alongside you as you search for your solutions. 

 I have received excellent supervision which has helped to keep me safe when listening to the distress of others, and in my work for a charity which provides support for people with life-limiting conditions, I began to realise that there are many people providing excellent support in many employment fields who also face upsetting and even traumatic stories every day. Who helps the these invaluable colleagues with the cumulative emotional impact? My thoughts turned to carers, volunteer services, schools, interpreters, and I am sure there are many more professions who do not receive any form of support. 

 Vicarious trauma or professional burn-out can happen when we do not acknowledge our own responses to the distressing material we may hear through the course of our daily work. A caring employer will recognise this, and I can provide a safe space for personal exploration, and a safe space to be heard.  

  •  The Suicidal Client

  • Spirituality Workshop

  •  Introduction to Group Analysis

  •  Working Therapeutically with Photographs

  •  Mindfulness Workshop

  •  Impact of Sexual Violence

  •  Emotional Freedom Techniques

  •  EMDR Workshop

  •  BACP Accreditation

  •  Introduction to the Compassionate Mind

  • 2009 Level 4 Diploma Person-Centred Counselling

  • 2010 Level 3 PTTLLS

  • 2017 Level 5 Diploma in Relationship Counselling

  • 2017 Advanced Certificate in Counselling for Depression

  • 2018 Level 7 Certificate in Counselling Supervision

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Reshma Parmar - Mindfulness Lead, Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

 I have worked in mental health services for over 25, initially in secondary care and then as a counsellor and supervisor in an IAPT service. I am essentially a person centred therapist and believe in the basic principle that each of us has the innate ability to achieve our goals, wishes, and desires in life, given the right conditions. I can provide a therapeutic environment that is open, accepting and empathic; the conditions that can help you to reach your potential.

I also have a Post Graduate certificate in supervision and the helping professionals and have over 10 years experience of supervising trainee counsellors and qualified counsellors in the NHS. I am particularly interested in the supervisory dyad, the impact of this on the therapeutic relationship and the exploration of difference and diversity.

More recently I have trained as a mindfulness meditation teacher with Breathworks and this is where my passion lies. My journey towards mindfulness has been one of a developing and growing awareness. About 7 years ago after being diagnosed with an auto immune condition, I was keen to explore how I could help myself and how I could manage some of the symptoms of my health condition. I was particularly drawn to the Breathworks Mindfulness for Health approach, which offers a non secular 8 week programme designed specifically to explore how we manage pain and long term health conditions with meditation, breath awareness and bringing Mindfulness into our daily life. It teaches how kindness and compassion towards ourselves can help us to respond differently to our pain and suffering, thereby bringing more balance, contentment and joy in our lives. I now find myself in the very fortunate position to be able to share this knowledge and skill with others, teaching the Breathworks Mindfulness course in the NHS.

 If you are interested in Counselling, Supervision or Mindfulness don't hesitate to get in touch. I would be more than happy to have a chat and explore how we can help.

  • Working creatively with loss and bereavement

  • Equality, diversity and human rights

  • LGBT awareness training

  • Information Governance

  • Conflict resolution

  • Safeguarding adult training

  • Safeguarding children training

  • Risk awareness

  • Culturally and linguistically sensitive supervision

  • Creative supervision - use of miniatures

  • Person centred counselling in a neo liberal world.

  • BA(Hons) Psychology/Sociology

  • Diploma person centred counselling

  • Post Graduate certificate in supervision and the helping professions

  • Accredited Mindfulness Teacher (Breathworks)

  • Accredited member with the National Counselling Society

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Sharon Billingsley - Critical Incident Lead and Counsellor

I am an experienced counsellor and I have worked extensively with vulnerable people who can be high risk and in need of immediate assessment and intervention. I was a key member of the Power to Recover Program pilot and I specialise in Trauma in the Workplace and Group Crisis Intervention. Recognising my genuine interest in helping others and my natural empathy led me towards my career in counselling. Following my work with Childline and Place2be I have continued to develop my skills in both child and adult safeguarding. 

I can offer face to face, telephone or on-line counselling.

With NAVIGATING LIFE I take the lead for Critical Incident response work and I have experience in supporting staff following both major national incidents, and incidents on a smaller scale. Any traumatic event can affect people in the workplace and I can provide an immediate response for anyone who works for you who has been either directly or indirectly exposed to an event that has the potential to cause significant distress. 

Contact NAVIGATING LIFE for the cost of our bespoke service.


  • Group Crisis Intervention

  • Trauma in the workplace

  • Managing the impact of critical incident stress in the workplace

  • Child Protection and Safeguarding

  • Advanced Safeguarding

  • Introduction to Psychopharmacology

  • Working with Metaphors

  • Attachment and Self-Awareness

  • Working Therapeutically with Photographs

  • Introduction to Mindfulness 

  • 2012 Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling